All you should know before making a selection

Do you know that?


  1. Garage door takes up to 40% of the front facade of a residential building and is one of the main elements shaping the architecture of your home.

    1. The calculated service life of Beditom garage doors gates exceeds 25 years.

    2. The sectional door is the largest moving part of your home design.

    3. Appropriately selected garage door with automatic and corresponding intelligent control system can save significant amounts of energy.

    4. Regular maintenance will increase the life of doors and have a positive impact on the environment

Which gate to choose? - raised, hinged or segment?

  • Hinged gate to the garage are already an obsolete solution, the leaves are usually heavy and non-insulated. Due to the size it is cumbersome to open and close. It is also necessary to provide protection from uncontrolled closure eg. due to wind gusts. It makes it necessary to park in front of it, at least at a distance equal to the width of the leaf which results in greater planning and construction of the driveway. In the case when the building facade design dictates the use of hinged gates, Beditom sectional gate can be installed, stylized to work like a raised gate.

  • Raised door needs less space to work than the hinged gate. Unfortunately, door movement still requires a large space. Overhead doors are usually uninsulated and not too tight. They are a nuisance in our climate, especially in the winter when even the minimum amount of snow causes difficulties in opening the gate. The construction of overhead door requires the use of expansion springs which by their nature are not very durable and difficult to control. This causes problems of balancing the moving curtain of the gate and in extreme cases can be dangerous.

  • Sectional door does not require any extra space to operate properly. Sectional door curtain moves essentially vertically in the opening. The design and technical solutions make Beditom gates perfectly balanced and opening and closing requires very little force. There is no need for additional modifications to set up the drive for operating automatically. A wide range of leads makes the required amount of free headroom relatively small. Beditom gate is insulated, tight and unlike the hinged and raised gates it has no negative impact on its work. Another advantage which favors the choice of Beditom sectional door is a wide array of available ribbing patterns and colors and no extra charges for custom sizes!

What springs should be fitted in my gate? Torsion or tension?

Bearing mechanism of Beditom torsion springs provides a much better solution to balance the gate than in the case of third-party solutions with tension springs. With the help of torsion springs mounted on the shaft, we can easily weigh up the door curtain so that throughout its movement up and down it may easily stop and it will not fall or be automatically raised. This is important in case when our gate is equipped with an electric drive - a smooth movement of the curtain impacts its load and the durability of the entire gate mechanism. Torsion springs usually occur in pairs so that failure of one of them does not cause the springs to stretch due to misalignment and a rapid drop of the gate. Sometimes, fracturing of a stretchable string prevents not only prevents the gate from being opened but also leads to guide rollers falling out from the leads, thus causing the door curtain to unhinge. Such failure could have unpleasant consequences such as damage to the car or injury to a person in the gate falling-range . Torsion springs are also more durable because they do not operate under load as heavy as as large as stretchable strings. Thanks to the torsion springs Beditom gates are quiet and perfectly balanced. With advanced torsion spring mechanism, Beditom gate does not require a large force for opening or closing, regardless of its size.


Double gate or two single gates?

 Much depends on the planned building facade. Technically, Beditom gates can be fitted into a gateway large enough for 2 cars parallel entry (even trucks). On the economic side a double gate is certainly a cheaper solution.

How to order the gate?


    Please send the completed inquiry form on the model of the gate which you are interested in through the gates configurator ( That's all! Our sales representative will contact you and help both in the technical details and will provide advice regarding the choice of solutions which are best suited for your needs.

    In contrary to other companies we produce our garage doors based on our own measurements and we do not charge clients for errors which occur. The average delivery time ranges from 14 to 21 days from signing the contract.

Can I add windows to the already installed Beditom gate?

 For us, this is not a problem, we can install all kinds of windows purchased from us in the gate. We have the documentation for each single gate made by us and we are able to determine what technical changes will be required so that their work remains impeccable. It may happen that there will be a need to replace the balancing torsion springs due to the fact that after cutting out the holes and installing windows the weight of the whole door curtain will change so that it will be outside the scope of the processing capabilities of the existing springs.

If I install a Beditom gate, will I have problems in obtaining energy certificates for the building?

Beditom gates meet the strictest criteria in this regard. High insulation, connections between segments and excellent sealing of the entire gateway not only provides peace of mind in obtaining the certificate but also provide the actual energy efficiency of the building. Heat transfer of our gates ranges between 1.1 - 1.3 W / m2K (depending on whether the door curtain has windows or not). For comparison, the heat transfer of 1.1 W / m2K is obtainable only by the leading manufacturers of windows in the market, and only in the case of the more expensive models.

Can I paint the Beditom gate myself?

 The coated Beditom gates can be painted just like any steel surfaces and are subject to the same principles. Please remember about thorough cleaning and tarnishing of the surface, spackling small scratches or small dents and adhering to the paint manufacturer's recommendations. Due to the large uniform plane, we advise spray painting carried out by a trained professional. In the case of surfaces covered with vinyl coatings (wood, woodgrain structure, etc.) you can only use suitable paints. In this case, however, you lose the original texture of the vinyl coating.

How much is the installation of a garage door?

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. The cost of installation of garage door depends on many factors. The basic factors in determining the cost are:

              the size and model of the garage door

  • equipping the door in additional utilities

  • which kind of drive will be applicable

  • does the old gate need to be disassembled

  • if no circumstances hinder the execution of the service, for example - the manufacturer can work only at certain times or during the weekend.


You will learn the answers to all of these questions after informing our sales representative about your needs Only then you will obtain a reliable valuation which includes all the costs. You will not be exposed to surprises like "but it will be more expensive because the cost ..".

What should be the size of a garage door?

For stand-alone garages and most cars a gate width of 2500 mm is sufficient. Double garages for cars when they stand next to each other, we recommend 4800-5000 mm gates, depending on the type and the expected size of your car.

In the case of an off-road vehicle, a minivan, or another vehicle of a similar height, we recommend doors with at least 2250 mm height. For normal passenger cars the recommended height of the opening is 2125 mm. For most vans you should provide the minimum height of 2500 mm. Remember, too, that car models produced over time become increasingly larger. If you decide to build a garage or to change the gate, you must take into account that the Beditom gate will serve much longer than the average time it takes to exploit one or two or three cars. (equally popular gateway 4.5 m do not guarantee such comfortable entry).

So far, the standard door height dimension was 2.125 m. It is enough for standard standard cars and station wagons. If you plan to buy a 4x4, an SUV or an off-road vehicle in the nearest future, it is better to increase the door height to 2.250 or even 2.375 m. If the case of a van, the height of 2.5 m will be neccessary.

How much lintel space does a Beditom sectional door need?

We offer several solutions for the door curtain leads. Typically, it is required to reserve 30 cm of lintel space. In this variant, torsion springs are attached to the lintel and there are no problems with equipping any gates with a sufficient electric drive. Where necessary we can make a gate for reduced lintel space of up to 10 cm. And you are still going to be able to install an electric drive.

What kind of electric drive power is needed for the Beditom gate?

 Drive power is selected depending on the size of the gate and the leads sytem. Since the Beditom gates are perfectly balanced, the force that is needed to open them is 2-4 kg (the force with which you can effortlessly open the door with one hand), so you can, use any electric drive of any manufacturer in accordance with its requirements related to dimensions of the gate. Beditom recommends for its gates, the drives and equipment of a German manufacturer Sommer. The Sommer drives produced for us by Sommer LINK are characterized by high reliability, quality, range of adjustment and additional equipment options for the European market (they meet the EU standards and are certified).

How to prepare my garage for Beditom door installation?

 The gate is closely aligned to the garage entrance opening so it is best to mount the door in a plastered garage with flooring. You should also make sure that there are no obstacles (such as joist, sewage pipe) underneath the ceiling which would hinder the opening of the gate or make it difficult to install the horizontal guides. Please remember about door and window positioning along the side walls of the garage as they may interfere with proper horizontal installing of guides and the movement of curtain under the ceiling.

You should know the location of concealed wires and they should not be placed near the installation points of gate leads and mechanisms. In the case of an unfinished garage installation it is possible, of course, but you must make sure that the construction workers have clearly marked the end of the planned floor level (including the tiles if they’re planned). Unplastered opening should be even, and you should know the expected thickness of the internal insulation for the opening. After completion of plastering and insulation, it is important to contact the authorized service center for final adjustment of the gate.

Are the designs and appliances of all sectional garage doors are the same?

There are many manufacturers of garage doors. The quality of equipment used determines the quality of the product and its price. It is important to ensure long trouble-free operation of the gate. Unlike the producers, Beditom gates use proven, high-quality solutions such as roll on ball bearings instead of sliding elements etc. Gaskets are made of technologically advanced materials, sealed segments come from the most technologically advanced production line in Europe. Galvanized steel leads with sufficient thickness without plastic elements and sliders precisely designed and built, strong and durable. As in any industry we have to compete with other manufacturers with often larger capital so we have focused on specialization. This allows us to compete in terms of price without lowering the quality of our gates.

Can I install the Beditom gate myself?

Installation of the Beditom sectional is user-friendly, in comparison to other manufacturers. Due to the large size of the gates and the required accuracy, we recommend to have the installation caried out by a team of our authorised and trained specialists. Installation of some of its elements requires special tools. Attempting to assemble and adjust torsion springs without proper training and the right tools can end up in an accident. Assembly quality is the key to maintenance-free and comfortable use of the door for many years. Poor installation will result in nuisance in everyday use and in extreme cases, frequent failures.

Installation of the sectional garage door - how does it happen?

After placing an order, we construct the gate custom made to your order and agree upon installation date. In the case of garage doors, the installation usually takes about 2-4 hours depending on conditions such as the availability of energy, the state of garage opening, the presence of floor etc. It also depends on the amount of additional equipment and if the door is equipped with an electric drive. After the installation, the doors are checked for correct operation and tests are run for all types of safety measures. At this point the installation team is obliged to instruct the investor - user and provide them with a brief training, hand out the warranty card along with manual. Installation is concluded with the signing of a bilateral protocol. From that moment the gate is approved for use and covered by the warranty.

What do you do when the garage opening has an arch?

Beditom gates are mounted on the inside of the opening. Because of that, the only requirement is that the inside opening of the lintel equalled h> +arc depth + 10 cm (measuring from the lower, outer ends of the arch)

Where to buy Beditom gates?


How should I maintain and care for my new Beditom gate?

Beditom gates do not require special treatment by the user apart from typical maintenance operations related to keeping the gate sections clean and ensuring that that the mechanical components were free from dirt and lightly greased with commonly available lubricant spray products. Because of the typical cycle of construction and many years of experience in manufacturing and assembly of sectional doors, we require 1 revision in the first year of operation. We know that in construction environment the gates are subject to particularly severe working conditions in a very harsh environment for mechanical elements - dust, cement, plastering, etc.

 Upon completion of this type of work it is necessary to service and tune the gate to the actual state. It is also required to control the balance of the gate and the performance of all kinds of electrical and mechanical protections which are not suitable for use in, for example, dusty conditions. High quality and technical solutions for Beditom gates are susceptible to misoperate in such conditions, even if they go unnoticed by the user. Unfortunately, such conditions may affect durability and comfort of use in later years.

Are Beditom gates insulated?

All our gates are made of hot, 4cm thick panels. Unlike other manufacturers, we ensure that our gate meet the European Union requirements for insulated gates. Unfortunately, it sometimes is that case in our marketplace that deficient and faulty imported products are being sold. Sometimes, gates with 2 cm thick panels are referred to as “insulated” even though they do not meet the expectations for thermal isolation.

Can I match the colour of the Beditom gate with the colour of the windows and door frames in my house?

Of course yes. If you know the RAL colour number - in the case of painted woodwork we will make a gate for you in the same or an appropriate colour. Remember that colours may appear different on large surfaces such as garage doors. The same colour may seem different on a narrow window frame. Moreover, color appearance also depends on surface structure (e.g. plain, satin) and lighting conditions. If you have a woodwork or a veneer, our rich palette of patterns and veneers will surely contain textures and colors which will match your expectations.