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Compactdoor gates

The compact design of these gates is based in the fact that the gate curtain folds at lintel during opening, it meets specific technical requirements, where traditional solutions are not applicable. The door is not only takes up less space, but it is also easy to open and maintain. These are unbalanced gates equipped by default with electric motor balancing the door jacket as well as allowing their easy operation.


execution options

The basic version is made of complete insulated panels with aluminum outer skin.

 Gate is fitted with a window cut out in order to increase the amount of natural light and provide visibility from inside and outside.

 Fully transparent panels let through a large amount of natural light, providing maximum visibility from both inside and outside.

 The most optimal solution to illuminate the building and at the same time, each building takes on an individual, elegant appearance.

Service door in the gate will allow entrance to the building without opening the garage door, as well as to stop the heat inside and protect workers against wind and rain.

When the high threshold may be a problem and there is a need for separation of pedestrian vehicles side door may be implemented as a solution. Made in accordance with the parameters of the gate, making it look identical to the gate.

VThe combination of the advantages of layered panels and transparent panels ensures optimum insulation and natural light transmission, the panel is not fully transparent thanks to a special filling.