Facts about industrial doors

Do you know that?

1. The gate can occupy up to 40% of the surface elevation and the object is one of the key elements of the architecture.

2. The calculated service life of Beditom gates exceed 25 years.

3. The sectional door is one of the largest moving components at your property.

4. Energy class of the object largely depends on the correct design and selection of energy-intensive elements including gates. Therefore very well insulated gate will have no effect on lower energy consumption if:

  • Gate remains open for extended periods of time

  • There is a significant frequency of opening

  • Opening speed is too slow

  • The open/close cycle is too long

5. Appropriately selected gate with automatic and intelligent control system saves considerable amounts of energy and reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

6. Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of doors and will have a positive impact on the environment.

Which gate to choose? Sliding, folding, hinged or segment?

Each of these structures has its own advantages and disadvantages and therefore before a decision is made, a proper analysis and selection criteria must be taken. These criteria are divided into three main groups; technical, economic and architectural. The most common factors considered in these groups include:


  • The technical possibility of installation of the gate

  • use of automation

  • aspect of thermal insulation

  • aspect of sound absorbing insulation

  • safety of use

  • compatibility with other devices


  • price costs

  • maintenance and service

  • utilization conditions


  • variety of designs and colors

and other related to the specific object or requirements,

Only the correct choice of these criteria and their validity can ensure long-term use without further modifications and additional costs.

At the moment, sectional doors combine all the best technological solutions and the optimal solution to any problem.

Sectional door does not require any extra space to operate properly. Sectional door curtain moves essentially vertically in the opening. The design and technical solutions make Beditom gates perfectly balanced and opening and closing requires very little force. There is no need for additional modifications to set up the drive for operating automatically. A wide range of leads makes the required amount of free headroom relatively small. Beditom gate is insulated, tight and unlike the hinged and raised gates it has no negative impact on its work. Another advantage which favors the choice of Beditom sectional door is a wide array of available ribbing patterns and colors and no extra charges for custom sizes!

What balancing system will be installe in my gate? Torsion springs?

Beditom gates are being balanced using a mechanism of torsion springs with bearings. With the help of torsion springs mounted on the shaft, we can easily weigh up the door curtain so that throughout its movement up and down it may easily stop and it will not fall or be automatically raised. This is important in case when our gate is equipped with an electric drive - a smooth movement of the curtain impacts its load and the durability of the entire gate mechanism. Torsion springs usually occur as a pair so that the failure of one of them does not cause misalignment of the gate and its rapid drop. Thanks to the torsion springs Beditom gates are quiet and perfectly balanced. With advanced torsion spring mechanism, Beditom gate does not require a large force for opening or closing, regardless of its size.