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Quick rolling gates

High-speed doors are used both inside and outside of buildings to optimize traffic flow, improve room conditions and save energy. Our offer includes a flexible curtain which opens vertically, also in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters and efficient and easy to maintain spiral doors made of smooth aluminum profiles.

They guarantee functionality and security through a range of accessories ensuring the minimization of heat loss. They provide a very economical usage thanks to the high speeds of opening reducing the waiting time in front of the gate. All doors are equipped with systems for emergency opening in case of power failure.




Dynamic Inox

 The gate structure, the housing and the motor shaft are made of stainless steel. The door is mainly used in the food industry.


Dynamic PE

 The design is made of polyethylene, while the motor housing of stainless steel. A major advantage is the ability to wash the gate with water under pressure, which is particularly important in the food industry.


Dynamic Clean

 For interior use in sterile premises (laboratories, pharmaceutical, cosmetic).


Dynamic Frigo

 It is designed for cold and freezers (up to – 30oC!!). A special system of double PVC curtains with heated space between them


Dynamic Inner

 Ideal for the closure of large internal openings


Dynamic Pack

 Folded into large openings. Curtain available in 12 colors is made of special profiles which, when colliding with the gate do not undergo permanent deformation, but after the removal of obstacles to return to their original shapes.


Dynamic Mega

 Large-scale gate MEGA PACK has been designed for closing large opening in hangars, halls and warehouses. It is possible to produce a gate with dimensions of 35 000 x 20 000H mm


Dynamic Spiral

 Insulated door curtains 42 mm thick, made of aluminum with double walls filled with extruded polystyrene

Technical parameters

 Technical parameters

6000x6000H [mm]

Maximum dimensions

max 2,0 m/sec

Opening speed

~0,8 m/sec

Wind resistance (EN 12424):


3000x3000 h


5000x5000 h


7000x5000 h


8000x8000 h


Power inverter


400 V, 10A

0,75 kW – 1,5 kW ( depending on size ), 6A


50/60 Hz

Machine cycles (EN 12604)

1 000.000


 self-correcting curtain in 12 colors: