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Thanks to the Berner garage door drive, you will never have to open the garage door manually in adverse weather conditions. Just a press of the button and you can drive into an illuminated garage.

The assembly is very easy and possible for any gate - an ideal solution which also works well as a method of modernising an existing garage. The wide range of products includes right drives for each garage and the intelligent Berner technology makes it extremely safe and easy to use.



Our four models are the perfect solution for all applications.

Regardless of which drive you choose, it will be safe, solid, reliable and energy efficient.

Berner GA103


The basic model
The economical and constantly improved garage door drive GA103 is filled with technical innovations and meets the highest demands.


Berner GA203


The new universal drive GA203 contains many features which increase comfort, making it a unique proposition for distributors.


Berner GA403


With maximum thrust and pressure of 1000 N, the GA403 is a professional among Berner garage door drives.



Impressive without compromises for underground car parks with up to 75 parking spaces
GA403-G and GA403-TG

The maintenance-free and silent underground car park openers GA403-G and GA403-TG for up-and-over, sectional, lateral sectional and round-the-corner doors up to 15 m² ensure that you can enter and exit your collective garage quickly and safely.


Berner GA101 z akumulatorem

Berner GA101 with batteryGA101 with battery / solar power supply

Berner GA101 with battery / solar power is the ideal solution for opening and closing all garages and ramps without power connection.


Berner GA501


Maintenance-free, silent-running
The GA501 drive for underground garage gates stands out in particular in relation to typical garage door drives due to a very strong and reliable gear motor.




Pilot BDS120

BDS120 remote control

2-channel BDS120 remote control with bi-directional encryption (BiSure).

Pilot BDS140

BDS140 remote control

4-channel BDS140 remote control with bi-directional encryption (BiSure).

Pilot BDS150

BDS150 remote control

5-channel BDS150 remote control with bi-directional encryption (BiSure).

Pilot BHS121

2-channel BHS121 remote control


Pilot BHS153

BHS153 remote control

BHS1535-channel mini remote control Blue opal, in an aesthetically pleasing metal housing with a blue LED which controls up to 5 installations.

Piloty BHS211 i BHS221

BHS211 and BHS221 remote controls

1 or 2-channel remote control, fits right in the car lighter outlet.

Klawiatura kodowa BHS591

BHS591 code keyboard

Our BHS591 radio code keypads with backlit keypad for controlling up to 4 drives.

Bezprzewodowy przycisk BHS421

BHS421 wireless button

The BHS421 Blue-push2 internal radio transmitter includes 2 pulse buttons for pulse control of up to 2 drives. It is possible to connect 1 or 2 control elements which will be controlled by the on / off switch.

Radiowy czytnik linii papilarnych

Radio fingerprint reader

FFL12 wireless fingerprint reading system for controlling 1 or 2 gate drives with a fingerprint. The system can store 12 fingerprints.

Sterownik BDS591

Two-way coded radio controllers

Illuminated 10-channel BDS591 coded radio controller with metal keypad.

Odbiornik BDE415

Bi-directional receiver with plug-in socket

The 1-channel receiver with BDE415 plug socket has a voltage free output (2-wire cable 1.9 m) for controlling third-party drives and serves as an integrated socket for connecting the drive to the mains.


Przełącznik kluczykowy SLU23/2 SLU 24/2

SLU23 / 2 SLU 24/2 key switch

We offer the SLÜ23 / 2 and SLÜ24 / 2 key switches, which allow you to gain access to the garage with keys.

Skaner odcisków palców FSCAN100

FSCAN100 fingerprint scanner

FSCAN100 Impulse fingerprint reading system for controlling 1 or 2 gate operators by means of a fingerprint. The system can store 100 fingerprints.and each can be independently deleted. All saved data will remain in memory even in the event of a power outage.

Czujnik TTR1 TTR1000

TTR1 TTR1000 sensor

With the help of 1-channel TTR1 and TTR1000 proximity sensors, your garage door is controlled completely without contact. 2 transponder keys are included. You can register and un-register up to 1000 transponders.

Nadajnik IT1b

Internal button

The IT1b internal transmitters contain a backlit pulse control button.


Fotokomórka EL301

One-way photocell for indoor and outdoor installation

The one-way photocell with EL301 2-wire connection is suitable for internal and external mounting and serves as an additional protection.

Lampa TL40RD

LED signal lamps

Energy-saving and durable TL40RD LED signal lamps contain all safety components.