Impressive without compromises for
underground car parks with up to 75 parking spaces

The maintenance-free and silent underground car park openers GA403-G and GA403-TG for up-and-over, sectional, lateral sectional and round-the-corner doors up to 15 m² ensure that you can enter and exit your collective garage quickly and safely. 

The openers are designed for up to 30 (GA403-G) and 75 (GA403-TG) parking spaces. 
The door can be opened up to 100 times per day (GA403-G) or 250 times (GA403-TG). Thereby, the openers guarantee maximum security and reliability at all times. 
Weather influences are automatically detected and compensated for. 

Easy programming and readout - separate connection options save space

The separate control board housings of the two underground car park openers GA403-G and GA403-TG are mounted on the wall in a user-friendly manner. Cumbersome overhead work is thus avoided and makes programming via the 7-segment display and reading out the counter and error statuses particularly simple. Removable plug-in terminals make installation child's play.


The emergency battery set is always ready for use

Even if the power connection does not work and you urgently need to drive in or out - an additional battery in the GA403-TG guarantees that this is possible at any time and is ready for use at any time for a maximum of 18 hours and 
up to 5 cycles.